Every individual's development begins in the womb . Even though it is a simple cell it holds all the potential to grow as a healthy person in the future. However, after birth, there is a possibility of identifying neurodevelopmental disorders in a child. These are disabilities in the functioning of the brain that affects a child's behavior, activities, memory, or ability to learn and speak such as cerebral palsy, autism ,spectrum disorders, attention deficit hyperactivity disorders, speech and language impairments, learning disorders and intellectual developmental disorder. A child with these conditions was portrayed as a social stigma.

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All the services at ATIDHI are for the differently abled children having Autism Spectrum Disorders. Cerebral Palsy. Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorders (ADHD), Learning Disabilities and Mental Retardation (including Intellectual Developmental disorders, Down Syndrome and other syndromes)

Ayurveda & Yoga

Ayurveda and Yoga therapy includes the AGASTYA (Ayurveda drugs, Gut therapy, Ayurveda Standards of living, Training of parents and Yogic Assistance)
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Speech therapy

The speech therapy services include a diagnostic evaluation and treatment designed to improve speech impairments (with regard to the function of
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The main aim of Physical Therapy in pediatric physio is improving motor skills and make them independent in moving with or without supportive devices.
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Behavioral Therapy

Behavioral Therapy aim is to modify maladaptive behaviors and substituting it with an adaptive behavior. The foundation of Behavioral Therapy is based on the idea
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Sensory integration Therapy

Sensory integration Therapy involve specific sensory activities to help a child appropriately respond to light, touch, ,sound, ,smell and other input.
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Education Therapy

Educational Therapy is a form of therapy used to treat individuals with learning differences, disabilities, and challenges. This form of therapy
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